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What is Science Of Mind?

Also known as Religious Science, Science of Mind is a philosophy that captures the spiritual truths of all the world’s religions and belief systems.  At its heart, we believe that The Creator (by whatever name) is all there really is (Intelligent Universal Quantum Energy, if you will) – as Macrocosm; and that we – as Its reflecting microcosm – create our experience according to our beliefs and dominant unconscious thoughts.

These core truths are found in ‘New Thought’ teachings including Divine Science and Metaphysics, Unity, Religious Science, and Michael Beckwith’s Agape Church.  There is no dogma, ritual or authority, no statues, images or sacraments, no sacred texts to highlight only one way, one message or one revered teacher.   Each individual is free to learn from All the Master Teachers – Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, – and to look for the universal message of the Creator’s Spiritual Love through All of them.

Being a metaphysical teaching (which means tracing everything to its fundamental Source), Religious Science echoes Buddhism in being devoid of those aspects of religion such as authority, ritual, speculation, tradition, grace and mystery.   It uses allegory to describe what would otherwise be so difficult to express, and looks to Quantum Physics explanations of Intelligent Universal Energy underlying all creation.

The one tenet of belief in Religious Science is that all creation comes about through the action of macro-cosmic thoughts of the Creator (by whatever name) becoming substance and then taking form according to the Creator’s thoughts; and that humans, being created from these thoughts have the same inherent nature as micro-cosmic co-creators.