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What does SOM do?

Science of Mind focuses on our abilities to apply this belief to change conditions by changing the underlying (often unconscious) thoughts that allowed those conditions to come into being.   We do this by seeking to learn and then embody the understandings of Cosmic Laws and Principles, the first introduction to which for many is the Law of Attraction, as demonstrated in ‘The Secret’.   We believe that what is seen in the outer experience is a reflection of fundamental inner beliefs

There are many popular authors who promote this philosophy, some of whom originally trained in Science of Mind, such as Louise Hay, and Anthony Robbins; Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra (amongst others) also promote the same understandings of the Creative Process, which are being supported by research results in many prestigious universities around the world : Our thoughts create things and conditions – the thinker influences matter at the level of energy!  So, ‘Change your thinking, Change your life!’