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Spiritual Mind Treatments

These are an important part of a Practitioner’s daily life, seeking to be in tune with Higher Self (however you perceive that Universal Intelligent Vibration) where Quantum Physics tells us we are all One in Spirit.

Whatever the outer appearance of a person’s life at what could be called the ‘human level’, the result of their present vibration of energy, there is a Spiritual Truth about them vibrating at a higher rate in the Universal plane of Quantum Energy.  The Practitioner establishes in their own mind – as if they are the person being treated for – for that higher vibrationary state to be expressed in, through, as, and for the person or circumstance being treated for.   We only ever treat for good outcomes, knowing that whatever we do is returned to us many times over according to the Law of Reciprocity.

We do not specify time or date for Spiritual Truth to manifest, as we trust that the Infinite knows a great deal more about what needs to happen behind the scenes to bring about our requirements than we can imagine.  Trusting that all is created in the Invisible Mind before it becomes undifferentiated substance (‘star-stuff’, if you will), and then takes form, we ‘let go and let God’ (by whatever name you are comfortable with).

Practitioners usually make a charge for Spiritual Mind Treatments to reflect the time set aside to focus on the individual / circumstance concerned but individual circumstances are taken into account!

For information on access to a Practitioner of Spiritual Mind Treatments, details of venues, forthcoming talks, courses, workshops, please contact:  (0116) 271 9724.


‘We are God’s gift to the Universe and Our being here is God’s gift to us’
– Unknown