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Courses, Events & Talks

Just one of the courses to be offered is based on growing your prosperity.  We consider ways of developing from being able to hold a ‘pint-pot’ of Spirit and all that ensues from that, to being able to resonate with a ‘gallon-jar’ or even a reservoir of prosperity.

“Our sufficiency is from God” – 11 Corinthians 3:5

Whatever we conceive or dream of, that we can be, do, and have – first in the invisible, then in the visible – according to what we fundamentally believe we are capable of.  If money is ‘God in Action’, then prosperity consciousness begins and ends with giving and receiving God or Spirit in all areas of our lives.

As the great man Jesus of Nazareth taught : ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, then shall all else be added to you’.   And another great man, the Buddha taught that the Kingdom of God is within.   Our prosperity course focuses on strengthening that contact with your inner self, your Higher Self, to foster the changes in fortune you seek, turning  pipe-dream possibilities into your probabilities of experience.

 Events & Talks

 Certificated Foundation courses are being offered on an ongoing basis, and initial enquiries should be made by email to: freemaker@btinternet.com.These are courses which are required study before embarking on the 2-year Practitioner course.

 Non-Certificated Science of Mind courses on Prosperity and Relationships are also available.