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 Welcome to Science of Mind

 Invisible Principle and Visible Results

In the Science of Mind, we study a Universal Principle and Presence that is invisible, which makes Itself known here in the visible in the results of Its created activity.

Everything stems from the Creative Source, or First Cause. From this One Infinite Source flows the spiritual, mental and physical Universe. Everything in nature is evolving from this point of origin, through apparent chaos into order, providing us with all the potentials of harmony, beauty, health, prosperity, wisdom, love & joy.

Understanding there is a Creative Principle underlying everything, and by studying the nature of visible creation and our interaction with it, we learn about that invisible Creative Principle and the process of creation itself. We recognize some-thing Universal which is more powerful than ourselves, that is individualised in each part of Its creation, via what some refer to as the Quantum Field of All Potential

Science of Mind provides a safe way of exploring these ideas with people of like minds, intent of exploring Spirituality and applying its value in our modern world.

Practicing the Power of Spiritual Presence, right where I am, I AM an expression of the Divine, and I can mirror whatever aspect of that Divine Blueprint I choose to focus on. God in me, as me, is me.